wisdom tooth removal in noida

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Noida Sector 104

Wisdom tooth-What is it?

Many people ask what may be the common problem many in this world have to face. The answer to this question can be Wisdom tooth. 

Wisdom teeth come into existence between the age group of 17 to 25. If these teeth grow right, it is not an issue but if they get less space, it may lead to a serious complication or pain and extraction becomes the only applicable solution. Dr. Gul offers you a hassle-free solution for wisdom tooth removal in Noida.

Complications Involved

Wisdom tooth complications can range from acute toothache apart from swollen gums, tooth infection of multiple levels, and various other oral conditions. At times, the only remedy to get rid of these issues is extraction.

Undeniable reasons for extraction

Dr. Gul’s clinic will suggest the removal of the wisdom tooth or teeth in case of certain conditions mentioned below:

  • Incomplete eruption of wisdom teeth and the trapping in the jaw bone leading to swelling and acute pain
  •  Eruption at a wrong angle because of the lack of space leads to a pressurized impact on the neighbouring teeth
  • It is not easy to clean these teeth because of their location at the far end of the mouth. A brush cannot give enough impact to clean this. 
wisdom tooth removal in noida

Extraction Procedure

Our dental specialist at Dr. Gul’s will perform the procedure under anaesthesia. You will have a consultation before that with our expert who will first analyse the condition. Based on the condition, the type of procedure will be finalised. 

Wisdom tooth extraction is performed in one go or parts depending on the condition. If the tooth does not erupt and a part of it is beneath the gum, in such a case, the extraction of the tooth lying beneath the gum is done by cutting the gum. 

Visits may increase

For the wisdom tooth procedure, the visits to the dental specialist at the Noida clinic may increase based on the seriousness and complexity involved with the wisdom tooth of the patient. 

If the issue is not that high, the solution may happen on one visit but for complexity, the visits may increase to two or three. 

Cost Factor

For wisdom tooth removal in Noida by Dr. Gul and her team, the cost factor is decided upon appointment based on the level of the problem. 

Post Procedure Pain

There is no post-procedure pain in general because the procedure takes place under the impact of anaesthesia but there could be minor discomfort once the impact of anesthesia ends on the patient.  

Aftercare–Very Important

You can take post-procedure aftercare tips from Dr. Gul. For wound cleaning, salt water rinsing is advised. Do not brush on the wound. It may bleed.