Project Description

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment also known as RCT is one of the best ways to treat infected teeth painlessly. The main aim of the Root canal treatment is to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and make sure that its infection free. Root canal treatment is effective for most of the patients, with its success rate of more than 98% and the best part is that the procedure is painless.

It’s a myth that RCT is a painful procedures because with the latest expertise &

technologies available now-a –days, it’s a pain free procedure. So, in this way Root canal treatment is beneficial to patients as they can rid of the infected part of the tooth without the requirement of the removal of the tooth.


  • Patients who have throbbing or intermittent pain in the tooth.
  • Radiating pain travelling from the tooth to the jaw.
  • Patients who complain of sensations while consuming hot or cold foods or drinks.
  • Patients who have swelling around gums of particular teeth (sinus/fistula/endo-perio) are the indicated candidates for RCT & advised to undergo Root Canal Treatment.

How is Root Canal Teartment Done ?

We at Dr. Gul’s Dent-o-Care, use most latest and advanced rotary root canal technique which is less time taking and is more accurate.

Root Canal therapy involves removing the infected or dead pulp. The canals are then cleaned and shaped. After assesing that the infection has subsided the canals are filled and sealed with a material called ”gutta- percha ”. Once the root canal is complete, the cavity is filled with a permanent filling. In some case where the tooth is badly damaged, a post might be required. Finally, a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it from fracture.

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

In cases, where there is no infection and the treatment is performed from a restorative aspect, it can be done in a single sitting. However root canal treatment usually takes 2-3 visits. Duration between visits depends on the extent of the infection.

Is Root Canal Teartment Painful?

The actual treatment is not necessarily painful. Most of the pain associated with a root canal is felt before the treatment. In cases with severe infection, antibiotics and pain killers are prescribed to control the infection and the pain.

DENTAL X-RAY is quilte a mandatory tool for root canal treatment to assess the condition of the infected or damaged tooth, which may or may not show symptoms.