Aligner treatment in noida

Invisible Braces in Noida

Invisible Braces–Is this a fact?

At the clinic of Dr. Gul, we will rectify your misaligned teeth and make them straight even though you are highly resistant to wearing metal braces. Come to us for the transparent braces in Noida and renew your happiness. 

Aligners and your desired result

At our clinic in Noida, the specialists of dentistry make your teeth with misalignment straight with the help of aligners. 

Aligners do not carry the wires like the conventional braces rather are made of transparent plastic that is tough to break. Our dental specialists fit these transparent braces in Noida Clinic for the desired outcome. 

Custom Made

Dr. Gul and her team of specialists will provide you with custom-made aligners by the shape and size of your teeth. Because of the transparency associated with these aligners, these are not visible from afar unless and until the other person takes a very close look. 

Aligner- A great advantage

Aligner treatment in Noida is a great advantage for you because of its detachable option, unlike traditional braces. You can easily remove them at the time of sleeping or eating.

Visit us for the best result

Because of the variation in the mouth structures from individual to individual, it is important to visit the dental specialist for 100 percent output when it comes to dental aligners. Dr. Gul and her team will create the aligner for you that fits you the best. 

Aligner -The Preference

  • The factor of invisibility unlike the traditional metal braces
  • Higher comfort in wearing
  • More maintenance of oral hygiene because of their removal advantage at the time of teeth cleaning or eating

Care the Aligner

Put the aligner in the case provided by the dentist after removal and make sure you wash it daily. 

To Benefits

It is advantageous for boosting your confidence levels and a fine option for straightening your teeth.