Teeth Extraction Cost in Noida: Is Root Canal Treatment a better option?

As the term suggests, tooth extraction is the process of getting the tooth removed. Why does one need to get the tooth removed? Probably because of extensive damage, decay, or injury. Tooth extraction is one of the simpler procedures when compared to various other types of dental procedures. But is it a cost-effective one? Let us try to find out.

Teeth Extraction Cost in Noida

The Teeth Extraction Cost in Noida could vary based on a couple of types. These are:

  • Simple tooth extraction

This type of tooth extraction works for the teeth which are not impacted. It is a simple procedure in which the teeth are simply pulled out from the socket after administering local anesthesia. People go for this when there is overcrowding of the teeth, a tooth is on the verge of getting detached, and/or wisdom teeth.

How much does it cost? – The tooth extraction cost for simple tooth extraction falls somewhere in the range of INR 1000 to INR 2000.

  • Surgical tooth extraction

The extraction of the impacted tooth is usually done by surgical method because the tooth is generally inflamed. The procedure must be performed with great care. It is essential to get the tooth removed, as it is susceptible to repeated infections. This case is common for impacted wisdom teeth. The dentist may perform an incision in the gums to remove the impacted wisdom teeth.

How much does it cost? – The surgical tooth extraction cost could be around INR 6,000 to Rs 15,000 based on the city and the severity of the condition.

Dental Extraction Costs Vs Benefits

Now that we have an idea about the range of Teeth Extraction Cost in Noida, let us try to put the costs against the benefits to understand if spending on it is justified.

  • Dental extraction costs may seem too less when compared to the pain that you evade by removing the impacted tooth. It is a known fact that impacted wisdom tooth hurts a lot, so much so that you even get a fever. Getting rid of such pain is essential.
  • It eradicates the root of the problem. If you leave the impacted wisdom tooth, it can repeated get infected. Additionally, the infection can become more severe with time. If that happens, it could even spread to the bone. Dental extraction costs seem too small when we consider this.
  • Think about jeopardizing most of your teeth because of one. An ignored infected tooth can end up infecting all the neighboring ones. That is a great risk. If this happens, you will have to get multiple teeth extracted. The pursuit will clearly elevate your dental extraction costs.

As we can note, the benefits outweigh the costs. Therefore, it is a reasonable choice to go for teeth extraction.

Cost of Molar Extraction: Additional Insight into Tooth Extraction

By and large, molar extractions are more complicated. This is because the complexity of removal lies in the way the tooth is attached to the roots and molars have multiple roots. These roots can even have strange shapes, making the whole ordeal even more difficult.

The exaggerated difficulty level can also make the molar extraction costlier. While some molars might be simpler in terms of smaller and simpler roots, there are many that have longer roots. Some molar roots are even thin and fragile, making the teeth prone to getting uprooted.

The cost of molar extraction is not a whole new category, in and of itself. It is a subset of tooth extraction and follows a similar range of cost. Yet, the amount you may finally pay to the dentist may vary based on:

  • The number of molars to be extracted – More molars imply a higher cost of molar extraction.
  • Presence of pre-existing oral condition – If an oral condition exists, the cost of molar extraction could be more.
  • Presence of infection – Infected molars will demand you to pay more for treatment.

The secret to a seemingly pristine set of teeth is care; tooth extraction might be your first step towards such care.