If your tooth gets infected, even badly infected then do not worry because the solution is available in the form of a root canal.

A root canal can facilitate the repair of an infected or spoiled tooth. It is a preferred alternative to the removal of such a tooth. While a root canal cannot be performed on an irredeemable tooth that is infected or damaged beyond repair, it is a useful treatment in most other cases of damage.

For all those who wish to get a root canal but want to find out how much they will lose from their pocket in the process, stick with us to find out.

What is the average Root Canal Cost in Noida?

Contrary to popular belief, root canal procedures are rather painless and very common. Teeth infections are not hard to come by, and the root canal is the most viable treatment option when that happens.

While the final price tag of a root canal varies from clinic to clinic, city to city, and type of treatment. There is a bracket for the average cost of a root canal.

Let us take a look at the Root Canal Cost in Noida, and a few more details:

  • From anywhere between INR 4,000 to as much as INR 20,000, the average cost of a root canal varies across cities of India.
  • You would likely receive more expensive treatment at a renowned dentist’s office and a metropolitan city. For instance, the average cost for Delhi is around INR 8,000 while for Bangalore it is around INR 9,000.
  • The final cost would also depend on the level of technology, and expertise offered at a clinic. It will also vary based on types of root canal such as posterior, anterior, single sitting, and re-RCT.

If you choose wisely, you can get a good root canal treatment at a reasonable cost.

Molar Root Canal Cost in Noida: Analyzing benefits against the cost

Getting a root canal on your molars or any other teeth for that matter is more or less the same. If you think that molar root canal cost is somewhat different or costlier, then you might be wrong. The molar root canal cost would also fall in a similar bracket as a general root canal. Now, let us take a look at the benefits of getting a root canal to understand if the cost does justice to it:

  • A root canal helps in preventing infection of adjoining teeth. If an infected tooth is left untreated, the infection could spread over the neighboring teeth. Getting a root canal done on time, prevents this from happening.
  • If a tooth is extracted, the jawbone gets debased. A root canal saves the teeth preventing the degeneration of the jawbone.
  • Since root canal is a restorative procedure aided by dental crowns and dental fillings, it improves the overall appearance of the teeth.

By improving oral health, the root canal has much to offer. This makes the molar root canal cost seem quite reasonable.

Prices of root canals based on types

Let us see how the prices of root canals vary based on different types:

  • RCT-Anterior – This type of root canal is performed on the front of teeth and cost may fall in the range of INR 4,500 to INR 7,500.
  • RCT-Posterior – This type is performed for the back of the teeth and may cost somewhere around INR 6,500 to INR 9,600.
  • Re-RCT – For getting a Re-RCT, prices of a root canal may fall in the range of INR 9,000 to INR 14,000.

Getting a root canal is less costly than most other dental restorative procedures. So, do not worry about the prices of root canals and get your teeth the care it deserves.