How much do Dental Implants Cost in Noida?

Loss of a tooth at some point in one’s life is a commonality. Dental implants are well-known as a replacement for any lost tooth. While the procedure itself is a common one, its cost may vary based on region and a few other factors. Let us explore more about Dental Implants Cost in Noida.

Dental implants cost: What does the cost depend on?

Dental implants can last up to 10 years, if not more with good oral hygiene.

The variation for dental implants cost is based on:

  • A number of teeth replaced – The more number of teeth replaced implies a greater cost. Typically a single tooth dental implant costs somewhere in the range of INR 35,000 to INR 45,000. If you are getting all your teeth replaced, then opting for an implant-retained denture could cost you INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,00,000.
  • Size of the implant – There are two major types based on the size of dental implants, one is called a mini dental implant and the other is a traditional dental implant. Mini dental implants suit better for people with lower bone width and the dental implants cost is between INR 15,000 to INR 20,000. The traditional ones cost in the range of INR 35,000 to INR 45,000.
  • Material of implant – There are two options based on the material of dental implant, namely, Zirconia and Titanium. The dental implants cost for Zirconia is similar to Titanium and typically falls in the range of INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 for one tooth.

Dental Implants Cost in Noida: Do the cost and benefits align?

Now that we have an idea about tooth implant cost, the next step is to look at the benefits. If the benefits outweigh the cost, it might just be the right option for you!

  • Effective against bone loss

Upon loss of a tooth or numerous teeth, the bone mass is depleted. Dental implants help prevent this depletion by serving as a copy of the real bone.

  • Looks natural

The tooth implant cost seems justified when you look at the natural appearance of the implant. Implants come in distinct shapes and sizes to match the look of the original teeth.

  • Feels natural

Although tooth implants are a restoration, they feel like real teeth. Affixed with titanium, the bite force produced by implants is adequate because the anchor is placed on the top of the gums.

  • No cavity

Dental implants are not real teeth, they are not prone to decay. While it is always suggested to keep good oral hygiene, there is no fear of cavities with dental implants.

  • Easy care

Tooth implant cost is like an initial investment. Once in place, tooth implants do not need a lot of care. You need not buy specific products to look after the implants.

How much is a tooth implant?: Looking at the risks

The answer to – how much is a dental implant? is not only subject to the actual cost of the restoration but also the risks associated with it.

Let us look at the potential risks involved with the procedure:

  • Failed stability

There is a possibility that directly after the procedure of implantation, the implant is not sturdy enough. This can make the implant fail within a few weeks.

  • Possible injury

Although rare, injury to a nearby area of the implant during the procedure is possible. If such a thing happens, sinus problems may develop.

  • Infection may occur in the area of the implant. Generally, the dentist administers antibiotics to prevent any infection.
  • Broken Implant

Considered a very rare occurrence, the chances of getting a broken or fractured implant are low. Yet if it happens, this is a serious problem.

The chance of these risks is minimized if the restoration is in the hands of an experienced dentist. The true answer to – how much is a dental implant depends on a cumulative of all these above-given factors. In the end, how much is a dental implant is for you to decide.